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ARTic Rose Productions


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The power lies in choosing the right way to tell each story.


ARP`s wide range of experience is unique. We have the knowledge to find the right genre for your story and adapt them to the genre that is chosen: film, event, stage, meetings, books... All you need to do is tell us who you want to reach, why, and what your want to achieve.


Our starting point is Art.

Art is the most advanced form of communication known to man. Its tools have been developed over thousands of years, and as creative artists we have the knowledge that enables us to make use of this form of communication.

Through words, music, dramaturgy, storytelling, stage, film, event and other creative forms, we create exciting and educating experiences and productions.


What exactly do we do?


We create individual art productions.


We produce concerts for powerful, beautiful artists that we know will create a unique experience for their audiences.


We create theatre productions based on authentic material from historic events, social issues and the life of icons such as the living legend, poet and artist Leonard Cohen.


We engage in and work with youth to show them how they can tell their own stories through workshops, hoping to empower them to choose a direction that works for them.


We develop real life scenarios for companies and communities with professional actors; commercially or internally .


We tailor-make productions to show the company’s values and business strategy.


We work with large Norwegian and international companies in creating and producing film, performances and soundtracks that discuss human, environmental and ethical issues.


We collaborate with professionals within logistics to create Intelligent Event concepts; events that focus on a theme in order to create awareness and change.


Which media do you need to tell your unique story?