Creating stories

ARTic Rose Productions


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Creating a story together with us, is a challenging, fascinating and exciting process!


From Bergtatt - a Rallar Opera

Featuring Bente Eggum Johannessen

Henrik Engelsviken

Stevica Krajinovic

Photo: Harald Hjellum


Reveiw of Bergtatt


There is always something you need to say. Something important you need other people to understand or remember.

To succeed you need stories because they have the power to reach out and to create change.


As skilled storytellers we work with you from concept to completion. Where there is an untold story, we seek a way to tell it…

Whether in a concert hall, in the office, in the local pub with the gang, or exploring old run-down buildings in arctic areas; whether you have a personal story you wish to tell, or you wish your company to stand out and communicate better with your surroundings; whether you’re out to be moved or challenged; whether you’re looking for fun, or looking to dive into the deepest emotions – we find a way to tell your story.